Monday, 30 September 2013

Urban Decay- NAKED Palette

I know I am a bit behind the times on the beauty range revolution, due to long working hours and tragically no shopping time but while on holiday I allocated shopping time and visited The Florida Mall. 

I came across the Urban Decay Naked Palette, I had heard about how good the quality of the brand was so I bought one. Oh my goodness! The texture and quality of these eyeshadows is phenomenal! Usually I have to reapply eye shadow several times a day as it never seems to stick. However with the Naked Palette it looked as fresh when I came to take it off, as when I first applied it. 

I bought the palette with the small bottle of Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion.This little cream is a big miracle in a tiny bottle.The primer evens out the skin and gives the perfect base for the eyeshadow to stick to.

The outside of the palette is a luxurious dark brown velvet with gold lettering.Inside the palette is mirror on the bottom of the lid and then a gold housing for the eyeshadows and brush.

Each shadow has a very imaginative name name as follows:-

Virgin- This is a very light base colour that once on the skin looks  like a very light silver.

Sin- This is still very light but a warm shimmery gold tint, again a good base colour.

Naked- This is a matte light brown I have used this as a base or for contouring when using a light colour range.

Sidecar- This is a medium brown shimmer eyeshadow, I like to use this on the lid for day wear as its a strong enough colour for impact but not to overpowering for work.

Buck- This  is a chocolate coloured matte shadow, I have used this as a contour with a shimmer on the lid for a lunch date with friends or for work. This is a lot more subtle on the eye than it looks on the palette.

Half Baked- This is one of my favorite shadows in this palette. It is a shimmery gold with caramel brown undertones. I love this as my main lid colour for day or night.

Smog- This is a very sexy colour and gives a smoldering smokey eye perfect for a night out or date.

DarkHorse- This is a dark chocolate shimmer shadow, I have not used it yet but it has lots of depth in the colour and would be high impact on the lid.

Toasted-  Another of my favorites this is a coffee brown shimmer shadow with bronze undertones. I use this as a contouring colour in the day and a lid colour at night. 

Hustle- This is a dark brown shimmer shadow with a purple undertone. I have used this as a lid colour for day mixed with buck to soften it a little.

Creep- This is a black shadow with silver flecks in it. I have  used this for a dramatic smokey eye. The colour is so pigmented it can be blended out to grey.

Gunmetal- I have used this Silver shadow for contouring, main lid colour and with Creep for a smokey eye. 

If you have not brought this product you are missing out! These can be found in most town centers in the Debenhams department stores.  

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