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Hey everyone! As promised I am going to tell you all about my holiday to Florida!!!! I have wanted to visit America since I first found out it existed  (when I was 5). Some friends of ours go every year and invited us along, there was no twisting my arm I was going! 

First things first we flew with Thompson airways, I really enjoyed the flight to Orlando. We had enough space in front of us, and the seats themselves were comfortable. The food was quite good especially for plain food. I would have liked more drink though, we were only given a tiny cup of water (that didn't taste very nice) maybe a bottle of flavored water would be better. The in-flight entertainment was good a variety of films to watch, music to listen to and games to play. The flight home was not so great, as a family had a very young child with them, as soon as the child got to sleep passed him to someone else. We found out this is because they were all smokers and were getting restless.

We had 2x 14 day passes, 1 for Disney and 1 for Universal. Disney has 4 parks and Universal has two I will write a review on each park.  

Disney Magical Kingdom- This is every girls dream! You have two ways to get to the theme park from the car park via mono-rail or by boat. We used both although the mono-rail is faster as it is not so exciting, so much fewer people go on it. Once in the park you can see the magnificent Cinderellas Castle, every child who has ever seen a Disney film will know this castle as it is at the start of every one. I cant tell you about every ride but ones not to miss are Space Mountain, The Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Pirates of the Caribbean. Disney also put on fantastic parades including the nighttime electrical parade. After the electrical parade stay and watch the fireworks and projection onto the castle.

Disney Epcot- This is less of a theme park and more of a learning and entertainment park.  Test track by Chevrolet is good you design your own car and give it some stats and then these change how the car you go on the 'ride' in reacts to the track. The other main attraction is a huge lake which is surrounded by mini versions of different countries, have fish and chips in Great Britain they are great! Live bands perform around the lake, including a BeeGees tribute act (different every year).  At night they have a light display and fire works over the lake reflecting in the water again this is worth staying to see. 

Disney Hollywood Studios- This park is based on Disney produced films and rides that don't fall into the other park themes. Rides not to miss are Twilight zone Tower of Terror ( I went on this once and never again!), Rock n Rollor Coaster, The Great Movie Ride and The Legend of Jack Sparrow. This park also has a night time show but with seats and therefore limited numbers. Get there early as its worth the wait. Displays are projected onto walls of water from the lake, with a story on the island and boats with Disney princesses at the end. 

Disney Animal Kingdom- As the name would suggest this park has an animal theme. It is also important to note that there are only two places with air con here so your in for a long and hot day. My favorite attractions are Festival of the Lion King ( an award winning show), Expedition Everest, Kilimanjaro Safari and Kali River Rapids. Animal Enclosures around the park and a conservation station let you get up close to our animal friends.  

Universal Studios Islands of Adventure- This is my favorite park at Universal as it contains HARRY POTTER WORLD! Yes you read correctly! I am a huge Harry Potter Fan and to come to a place where this comes alive was fantastic. You can walk through the streets of Hogsmead/ Diagon Alley. Buys sweets in Honeydukes, Buy wands in Olivanders and have lunch in The Three Broomsticks or Hogs Head. There is much more to this park than Harry Potter (dare I say it). Rides not to miss The Forbidden Journey, The Hulk, Dr Dooms Fear-Fall and Spiderman 3D.

Universal Studios- Separated from Islands of adventure by shops this park is mostly film themed. Take a trip and watch the Betlejuice Graveyard Review it is a musical show full of songs we all love with a spooky twist. Rides to go on include Rip Ride Rocket, Revenge of the Mummy, Transformers 3D and The Simpsons 3D ride. 

I absolutely loved each and every moment I was in Orlando. The villa was brilliant  The hire car was a Chrysler 300, very comfortable. We ate mostly at home but did visit CICI's Pizza on a few occasions. We also had a couple of breakfasts at sizzler. 

Can't wait to go again!!!!

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