Friday, 23 June 2017

Planning a Disney World Holiday

Hi Guys,

The first thing to decide when booking a Disney holiday to Florida is when you want to go.  Disney has its busy peak during school holidays that is UK and USA holidays so if you can book in term time then I suggest you do. You can check the forecasted busyness of the parks using crowd calendars.   We don't have any children so that leaves us free to book when we like.

The second thing to help you choose dates is events. If you don't already know Disney host lots of events through out the year ( more on those in a separate post ). Have a browse through the Disney website or my Disney Experience App and have a look if there are any you would like to attend. For Paul and I we have heard great things about Mickeys Not So Scary Holoween Party and we love Christmas so Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party is also on the list. Therefore we planned our dates so that we would be able to attend both of these.

The parks are always beautiful but seeing them decorated for different holidays is amazing.

OK so you know when your going to go but how will you get there and where will you stay.

Paul and I went to Disney World in 2013 with friends, we flew with Thompson as they always did and stayed in the villa they always stay in. We flew in economy I feel there was enough room more room than you get on bus or in a standard car if sitting in the back in the UK. I don't drink coffee or tea very much so although we were offered this twice in the flight I declined. With meals you do get a small flat tub of water but I would say it's not even enough to fill a tumbler glass. This along with the great reviews has made my decision to fly with Virgin on our next trip. Soft drinks and snacks are complimentary meaning no dehydration yey!!

To stay onsite or not to stay onsite that is the question!

As I said we stayed in a villa last time it was great to have the privacy of your own pool and your own washing machine. The cooking and washing up was not such a vacation treat though! Also we found 'junk' food to be cheap in the supermarkets but good quality meat, fresh fruit and veg not so much. Hiring a car is essential to get to the parks  when staying in a villa but I like the flexibility of having a car regardless.

This holiday we have decided to stay onsite at Disney for several reasons. With the current promotions it was cheaper than hiring a villa and all associated costs.  The fact that everything is easy on the magic band room key, fast pass and food all with one touch of a Mickey. Also that Paul would not have to drive if he didn't want to.

How can staying onsite be cheaper?  I have been doing my research on when is best to book flights. Tracking ticket prices etc for a couple of years so I have worked out the cheapest price of a villa if everything is booked at the correct time.

So what do you get if you stay onsite at Disney( with current offers through Virgin) We have chosen which hotel we are staying in but ill do a seperate post on that. You get your accommodation for the duration of your stay, free food for the duration of your stay ( what you get depends on which hotel you choose post on that seperatly too ). Free transportation you choos which is either free car hire (usally £600+) or airport transfers on magic express and Disney busses around Disney property  Free parking on Disney property ($20 a day to off site guests) You get 14 day for the price of 7 on your park tickets we upgraded this to 21 day unlimited ticket and are saving £60 over buying from Attraction Tickets Direct. We are also saving £60 on our Universal tickets too. Your flights are also included meaning they are booked and reserved now and you don't have to wait until 11 months before to reserve your seat. You can book your Dining Reservations before off site guests and book your fast passes before off site guests. Also Virgin are offering  $200 gift card to spend anywhere on Disney property! All Disney Ticjwts also include the Memory Maker Photo package for free. Best of all you can reserve all this with a small deposit of around £375.

This is our honeymoon so we wanted miminal stress and worry during the trip and just enjoy and make memories. 

Have you been to Disney, where did you stay? Do you have any future plans? Let me know in comments box below

Take care xx

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