Sunday, 5 April 2015

Spring Nails

Hey everyone! Long time no see ;)

So I know I have had a long break but I'm back and I don't plan on going anywhere. 

Today I want to share with you my new spring nail polish by BarryM. I will show you how I do my nails with a step by step guide so you can do it yourself. 

First thing is to prep or plan, make sure you have everything you need with you, and that you have been to the toilet as you don't want to have beautiful nails and spoil them because 'you have to go lol'. 

Apologies for the George Foreman Box but I wanted it up off the floor and this is all I have. Here are all the products I used for my new spring nails. I did not actually need to use the quick dry spray as the polish did dry really fast.

So as you can see I had pink and shimmer nail varnish on which I need to remove first. I used Boots Cotton Wool Balls and Nail Nation Nail Polish Remover. I put a dab of remover on the ball, hold it on the nail for a few seconds then gently rub off the polish. 

Next I use the Boots 4 way Nail Block to create a healthy smooth base for the polish. 1 file your nails to the shape you like. I prefer the sqoval. So neither square or oval...just to be awkward lol. 2 file over the nail to rub away ridges. 3 smooth nails and get rid of nail dust. 4 shine nails for the finished base.

I always use a base coat, I like to protect my nails to ensure they do not stain. This is the 2 in 1 base coat and ridge filler with keratin, it makes my nails stronger and makes the polish easy to remove too.

Now for the fun bit the polish itself. I have chosen my new BarryM Quick Dry polish in 'Eat my dust'- blue. This is a fun spring shade and as I have a busy week of driving ahead I need to have nails I can rely on. I love BarryM because it lasts at least 7 days, no chips, no fade just shiny strong nails. This polish dried super fast, in minutes it was dry and ready for the next layer. I applied 3 coats to give a smooth solid colour. 

Now I add my 17 double gloss clear top-coat. I add a top coat to protect my colour and add a it of shine to matt or dull polishes. 

There you have it spring nails ready for my tough week ahead. Do you have a favourite BarryM colour or do you have another brand you love?

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