Monday, 13 February 2017

I have started my own business!!!

Hello everyone,

 I told you in the last post that I have started my own business. I am so excited to tell you all about it!

So my story so far.... November 2015 my friend started her own make up business and purely to support her I bought a range of products from her. However to my surprise I fell in love with them..

Now I say to my surprise because I am so so picky about my make up particularly foundation the colour has to be right no ' s***g' line!, i don't want it to make me sweat or break out in spots, it has to be easy to remove but stay in place all day. I had tried every brand out there and they all had something i didn't like ... or so I thought. With the this foundation it takes 5 drops to do my entire face, full coverage, it stays on all day with no transferring, it doesn't clog my pores and make me sweat, its good for my skin so no break outs and the colour is PERFECT!!! To top it all I have only just had to buy another one so that's 1 years worth of coverage from 1 bottle!

The next item I tried was the mascara no the first formula i didn't get on so well with as i thought it was a little clumpy and you had to have the full on 'false lash look' the new formula is buildable one coat gives you 500% more length and volume 2 coats is 900% and so on. I have the long lashes I had always wanted. It stays on through sweat, wind, rain and even tears! It looks perfect and just like all their make up stays on all day but just wipes away at the end of the day no scrubbing or scraping off.

So after using these products for a year I wouldn't use any other products. Now I was traveling to work 52 miles and 60 minutes each day and it was straining me. I loved my job but the change in team and the group attitude/ goals was making my daily life hard. My ME was catching up with me because of my long hours and stress and I was about to break. That's when the idea of starting my own business came to me, two of my friends have also started their own business and one of them was earning twice my salary every month and the other matching mine. I thought if they can do this why can't I? I love make up and beauty so if I can do what I love and earn a living why wait?

So in January I took the plunge! I earnt over £150 in my first online party and around £100 in free product credit. I thought wow this can really work! I am going through my training and just sharing what I love and how it works for me. One day I will do this as my full time job and I will share this amazing opportunity with other people!

Any comments or questions or want to know more let me know below:-

Take care xx

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