Monday, 13 February 2017

I'm back... Exciting News

Hello everyone!!!

So I know it has been such a long time since I last did a Blog but so much has happened and I really needed to focus on that. I have ME and I was struggling with my long commute followed by long working hours meaning I was really struggling to hold everything together and I was spread too thin and couldn't do anything. So my blogging and vlogging had to stop because I couldn't do it all.

I'm not going to have more time so I want to start it all up again and share my life with you all.

So we are still getting married this year in September.. so posts to come about that!!

I am still working my Full Time job but I am moving offices to be closer to home and have more of a life!!

I have recently launched my own Beauty/Make up business after falling in love with the products and trying them for a year to make sure they work! They do and they are amazing!

We are following slimming world and I have lost 2st 7 lbs so far and I am feeling so much better and healthier but again more on my slimming world journey later too.

I want this to be interactive, informative and fun so please comment and tell me your thoughts and what you would like to see me post about.

Take care

Grace xx

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