Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Perfume buying guide

Hi guys!!

Summer time really makes me appreciate  my sense of smell. Fresh cut grass, flowers in bloom and the sweets smells of doughnuts, ice-cream and candy floss at the beach.

I love to have different perfumes for different moods and seasons. I am loving the fragrances by  Marc Jacobs. They are so light, fun and last for ages.

So how do you find a new fragrance that's right for you..... first of all think of things you like the smell of. This will give you a hint to which fragrance family you should steer towards do you like floral or sweet perhaps your more a wood or spice kind of person?

Once you have the fragrance family then take a visit to your nearest shop that has testers. Use the  perfume strip to find 4-6 ones you like. Now spray these one on your wrist one half way up your under forearm and one in the crease of your elbow and the same on the other arm.

DO NOT RUB IN! leave the perfume to dry on your skin. Now perfume reacts to your temperature and body chemistry so smells different on everyone who wears it. So you need to leave time for them to settle.  So take a look around the store and after about 15-20 minutes smell the test patches and see which one smells best on you. There you have it your new fragrance!

I like to link fragrances to memories so if I'm going on a holiday, to an event or next year my wedding and honeymoon. I will be picking out fragrances then in the future when I smell that fragrance my memories will come flooding back.

What's your favorite perfume? Let me know in comments below x

Take care xx

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