Thursday, 6 July 2017

Wedding Flowers

Hey Guys,

For a whole I have been doing research on wedding flowers. I have looked at different styles and different flowers to include and ones I didn't like.

We have decided we like the traditional symmetrical designs with added personal touches in keeping with our theme.

So the next decision was real or artificial..... so we decided on artificial. It means that I can make them myself which is so exciting and makes it feel so much more personal and thoughtful for our guests  It is very cost effective costing a quarter of the price of real flowers.

One downfall is that artificial flowers do not smell..... so we are going to have Yankee Candles all around to recreate that amazing smell.

Also we will be able to keep an arrangement ourselves for our home and give them to family members who want one.

Now I am researching where I will buy them from. We have already found the vase we will use from B and M at the bargain price of £6 each.

I will be making a mock up and I will show you that and do a video documenting the process

Take Care xx

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