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What to ask your wedding photographer

We are excited to day that we have booked our wedding photographers! We first meet Glen and Colin at the Lackham House wedding fair and liked them from the beginning. Glen  is our lead photographer and so is our main contact.  Glen is funny, friendly and most of all creative.  One of the main reasons we choose them is because they take advantage of their surroundings, opportunities and make everyone feel relaxed and happy which all leads to amazing unique wedding album.  I would like to recommend some good questions to ask your photographer Please visit the most talented photographers in Wiltshire, but just as important they know how to treat people, (a skill that is very important but some photographers lack):-

1.Whats your wedding style?
There is  more to photography than point and click, there are many styles of photography and its very important that you discover what style you like. Do you like traditional, fashion, reportage or modern /edgy.  Ask your prospective photographer what their style is and see if it matches your needs.

2. I have a few ideas, can you use some of them?
If there is something you particularly want it is worth asking as if they cannot or will not you may want to choose someone else. Alternatively they may have an equal idea they is tried and tested remember they are professionals.

3. Can I see a few complete wedding albums, ask for different styles of photography?
You should ask to see a complete wedding to see if they are good at shooting all aspects of the wedding. Also it will give you an idea on  how they shoot each section, if they capture all the little details or more of a highlight.

4. Do they belong to any professional photography organisations or societies?
If you’re paying for a photographer or two make sure they are qualified, you don’t want to pay all that money and then find out that your uncle could have done a better job.

6. Do they have a back up photographer?
Make sure that there is a plan B these photographs are one of the lasting parts of your day and without them you have to rely on your memory alone.

7. Do they carry spare equipment?
Do they carry spare cameras and components? Make sure they bring them along and not have to miss vital parts of the day to go and get a spare.

8. Do we have a rain contingency plan?
In the UK we have a high chance of rain so ask how they would plan to deal with it. Would they still take photos in the rain and then go indoors? What would you like?

9. Do you mind guests taking photo's?
Make sure your photographer does not have any issue with your friends and family taking pictures or the opposite if you don’t want your friends and family taking shots as your photographer to assist with this. I know a couple of friends didn't like that there were pictures on Facebook before the ceremony had finished.

10. How long will all the family or formal shots take?
If there are any “must-have” pictures on the day, just let them know. If there are a lot of “formal” group images to be taken, then please allow me a little more time within your planning schedule. After recently going to a wedding I might suggest doing two 'sessions' one at the ceremony venue and one at the reception venue, this will stop guests getting board and restless. Also a good idea to have the welcome drinks, seating and nibbles.
11. How long does it take for me to see my pictures, and receive my Album?

It’s a good idea to get a time line of how and when you will get your photos. Can you be involved in creating your album or will they create it alone. Are you having a formal album or dvd or both? Will the album ready for you after the honeymoon.If there is a specific type or even brand of album you have set your heart on ask your photographer if they can provide that or something similar. 

12. Ask if your photographer does a test shoot?
Your photographer will be a big part of your day so it is essential that you like them. Ask if they can offer a pre-wedding shoot you can get used to the camera and have an insight to what the day will be like. Many couples use this as an engagement shoot.

13. When do I need to book my photographer?
That is entirely down to you, but it’s such an important question, but general advice is to avoid disappointment the best ones get booked quickly so you should try to reserve your date as soon as possible.  Photographers were one of the really important aspects to us and we wanted to get the best. Ours already has 4 bookings for 2015 2.5 years in advance.

I have reworded the questions as these are similar to a photographers website and it effected their Google ranking. The answers have remained the same as they are 100% my own words.

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