Tuesday, 20 May 2014

TTC Tuesday: BMI

Hey everyone. As we all know the ttc journey is very long and complicated. There are various things that are known to effect fertility, one of them is BMI or Body Mass Index. This is calculated using your height and weight. In order to take part in egg sharing or other fertility treatments you have to be at a 'healthy' BMI. This ranges from 20-25, my current BMI is 36. This means I need to significantly reduce my weight to fit in this category, which is why I have joined a weight loss group. It is important to have mini goals, larger goals and ultimate goals. I wasn't to reach my first stone (14lbs) loss, loose 3 dress sizes before Christmas, reach my goal by September next year for an amazing holiday to Orlandi, Florida, goal weight of 11 stone and stay at goal for wedding and life. 

Do you know your BMI? Dies it effect your fertility treatments? 

Take care x 

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