Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday: First WW meeting

3.5 lbs

Hey everyone, this week was our first weight watchers meeting. It starts off with writing down your new membership number. You then move along to be weighed. When you are new your weight is always taken by the leader. She tells you your weight, praises you for your loss or helped you find out why you sts and hands or gained. Then she gives you a booklet for the week. After everyone has been weighed the discussion part starts. This is where the leader has a set topic to teach about and everyone can share advice and stories. This is also where people get mentioned if they have lost. 

This week is my first week and I lost 3.5 lbs, this is using the simple start. This is where you have a list of foods you can eat until full. I am now on Pro Points, this is where you track everything you eat and drink and have to make sure you stay within your daily points allowance. 

You also get 49 weekly points that you can use for treats or nights out etc.

I am pleased with my loss  as I was not expecting to loose any. This week on points I find I am struggling to eat them all and feel like I am eating so much food. I will keep it up and see what the scales say on Monday.

Take care x

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