Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday: Joined Weight Watchers

Hey everyone, its Wednesday again and so its time to discuss weight loss. Paul and I have decided we are taking our weight loss seriously, this time we are going to give everything we have for three months before we expect to see any results. I know many people loose weight very quickly for the first few weeks with weight watchers but we are trying not to build ourselves up for a fall. 

We decided to try weight watchers as neither of us have attended any weight loss group meetings before. For me I think it will be additional strength in hard times, knowing that I have to face the scales every week in front of someone else. 

A major advantage of meetings is having a group of people to share experiences with and to celebrate when you find success and feel support when you stay the same or gain.

We are on the simple start plan. This is where you eat foods from a list provided to help get used to the good foods and portion sizes. This week we are not really starting but eating the foods in our cupboards, as get paid on Friday. I will always weigh on a Monday but I will update you on our Weight loss Wednesday Post.

I am going to be taking some pictures that will become my before pictures. I am also going to be taking measurements as some weeks weight is not reflected on the scale but may be in cm. 

It is important to make goals some small and some big, I would like to share some of these with you:-

To reach my silver seven ( this is the first half stone weight loss).
To be at least one clothes size smaller by Christmas.
To be able to wear shorts and go on any ride on our holiday to Orlando next year. There is a story behind this goal that I will share with you, if you want to hear it let me know in the comments.

Take care x


  1. well im 17.11 stone so not small im 57 years old and i will give this a 110% so lets see what happens talking to people at meeting they have all done very well now lets see if i can do the same

    1. Yes we will do it, people have had a lot of success and hopefully we will too x


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