Monday, 8 May 2017

Slimming world 8th May

Hello everyone,

Well I want to start off by saying this week I was not on plan at all. I also had a very naughty weekend at my parents house. I ate ice-cream, cake, fish and chips and lots of chocolate.

We have a lot of stress in our life at the moment and a lot going on. Food has always been a thing I use to celebrate and to comfort myself. I have always decided that I will live my life not deprive myself.

So I got on the scale and I was not sure what it was going to say. I thought I would have put on 4lb+ soooo what was the damage? I put on 2lb.  So we have drawn a line under it. We have had everything we wanted this weekend and now we are craving nothing.

So the only way is forward and onwards.

Let's see how much I loose next Monday.

Thanks guys, please let me know how you did this week?

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