Monday, 23 June 2014

Marriage Monday: Found our Florist

Hey everyone, its Marriage Monday again! I am so excited to say we have finally found our wedding florist, and trust me she was worth the wait. We have spoke to over 15 wedding florists and only 3 of them got through to consultation stage. Ellie has amazing attention to detail, creativity, passion and amazing style. 

We had our consultation at our Wedding Venue, which is nice as we can walk around and discuss where we would like to have arrangements and focal points. To be honest we love any excuse to visit our venue.

Ellie is so knowledgeable and professional she asked all the right questions and understood everything I was saying. We started off with my bouquet, I had never been asked about the size I would like. I have chosen a shower shape, it will be made up of roses in fuchsia pink and lilac. We then moved on to the bridesmaids and flower girls bouquet's, they will also be roses in a posie shape. We then discussed the men's button holes and if we would like guest button holes. 

We have decided to decorate our church too. We think it is important for the church to look like there is a wedding taking place that day. We will have pedestals and pew ends all matching incorporating our focal flowers.

The reception venue will also have pedestals. The main room will have the Martini glass centrepieces, these will have pink linings and floral arrangements consisting of our focal flowers. 

I have put pictures of our focal flowers below. 

Hydrangeas are special to Paul as a good memory from is childhood as one of his relatives grew them in her garden. 

We wanted two colours for our theme, one to be bright energetic and vibrant and the other to be simple, elegant and sophisticated. This rose is called Ocean song, I thought that was such a wonderful and beautiful name.

We love these fuchsia pink roses as they give a vibrant burst of energy and colour. Pink is one of my favourite colours and is a great wedding colour.

Again elli's website is

Take care x

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