Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday: Drink Water

Hey everyone, this week my Weight Watchers membership got messed up so I am going to renew it when I get paid. So this week I don't know if I have lost or stayed the same. So I decided to discuss another weight loss tool. There has been lots of research to suggest that if you drink 2ltrs of water a day it will help you loose weight. We are made up of approximately 80% water and so keeping our bodies hydrated it will work at its optimum. Similar to the way a cars engine works. Water flushes out toxins and also suppresses the appetite. Many people mistake thirst for hunger and therefore eat but it makes no difference. Drinking water also makes hair more healthy, improves skin complexion and reduces spots. 

2ltrs sounds like a huge amount to tackle but break it down. I have tried drinking it in glasses and never seem to get round to it. So I decided to try bottles. I bought a 1ltr bottle of Buxton mineral water, although I must say that I would not drink it again as I feel it had a chalky after-taste. I fill this with water and no added sugar squash or flavoured water. I manage to drink 4 of these a day which has obviously doubled the minimum amount. 

I will keep it up and see what benefits I get.

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