Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Updated Daily Themes and Weight Loss Wednesday

Hey everyone. As you know I am back with a new provider and new motivation. I have decided to update my daily themes as I was finding Throwback Thursday a little difficult. I have always hated having my photo taken and so there was very little to throw back.

For this weeks Weight Loss Wednesday I have decided to discuss my relationship with my weight. Anyone who has been overweight as a child is familiar with the various names and torment that I was put through at school. Bullies have no idea the lifetime effects of their hurtful thoughts and actions and those that do, don't care. 

I have mentioned before that I have PCOS, which means weight loss is incredibly difficult. I have joined Weight Watchers Meetings and lost 5 lbs so far.

 Is anyone currently on WW or have been in the past? Do any of you have a similar experience at school to me?

Take care xx 

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