Tuesday, 24 June 2014

TTC Tuesday: ICSI or Vasectomy Reversal

Hey everyone, its TTC Tuesday again. As I have said before we are not actively TTC now but after we are married. We wanted to get everything ready and keep our options open. I had to have 7 vile's of blood taken, they were then tested for all different hormone levels, glucose etc. It took about 2 weeks for all the tests to be done and for me to get the results. It came back that I am highly fertile and that I would have no problem having children but also confirmed that I have PCOS.

So as I mentioned we  have two main courses of action. To have ICSI or for Paul to have a Vasectomy reversal. We have to decide which path to take, although if we do the reversal and it doesn't work we will move in to ICSI anyway. 

ICSI stands for IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection. Fertilisation is achieved after injecting a single sperm into each egg. Before all that I will have to inject my self twice a say for two weeks. This is called stimming or stimulating. After this I will have an egg collection. These eggs will be injected as aforementioned. After these embryos are watched for 5 days and transferred back into me at the optimum point. Then comes the ominous two week wait. This is exactly what it says waiting for two weeks to find out if we are pregnant. From there we have a few scans and hormone tests up to 12 weeks and then the pregnancy goes on as any other and the clinic has no more involvement.

A vasectomy reversal is the reattaching of tubes that were severed in a vasectomy. Paul had to have a vasectomy over 20 years ago for his ex wife. She had some problems and because the operation was supposed to be easier for him. He had always wanted more children but this now seemed impossible for them. So when we got together Paul told me how he wanted more children but didn't think it was possible. After a lot of research we went to both clinics and had our hope restored. With this process Paul has the operation and after 3 months he will go back to the clinic to have tests. If all is well we try for children naturally and pregnancy is the same there on in. 

If we had a guarenteed choice we would choose the reversal, because that gives us the control. We are not limited to the amount of children we can have or when we can have them. The most important thing to us is to have children.

Take care x 

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