Tuesday, 12 November 2013

This weeks Boots Star Offer

Hey everyone, this week’s Boots Star Offer is Champneys Complete Home Spa. Champneys is one of the premium brands at Boots. The product packaging has a luxurious hotel feel to it.  Champneys own a chain of high-end spas and these are the exact same products you would find in their spas. Therefore you really are getting the spa treatment at home.  Usually this gift is priced at £50 but the star offer price is £24!

This set is presented in a beautiful white leather case. The case can be used as a handbag, make up or toiletry storage case or even as an overnight bag.
The body scrub contains passion fruit and mango extracts as well as citrus oils. This scrub is creamy yet when applied to the skin seems to rub away any dry skin leaving soft smooth skin.

The body butter also contains mango and passion fruit extracts and citrus oils. Using this after the scrub is great if you want to continue the scent long after you have left the bathroom.  The body butter traps in moisture; this is great for anyone like me who lives near the coast as the sea air really dries out the skin.

The next item is spa treatment hand and nail cream; this is a light lotion that does not leave your hands feeling greasy. The lotion sinks into the hands and nails, to help your hands stay beautiful all year long.
The skin comforting bath milk contains sweet almond oil and chamomile  perfect to distress and relax after a long day.  Simply pour into a running bath and sink into peaceful bliss.

The citrus blush shower gel with energizing lemon, orange and cardamom is the perfect product to wake you up in the morning and get you ready for your day.  It will also leave your skin soft smooth.

The body polisher creates a rich lather to really invigorate your skin, it will polish away any dry skin and help repair dry skin too.
The final product is the citrus blush body lotion this contains lemon, mandarin and sweet almond oil. This will leave  your skin feeling soft , supple and smooth.

There is no doubt that after using these products you will feel truly pampered and ready to take on the world.

Take Care x

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