Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Body Shop At Home: Pamper Starter Kit

Hey everyone, today is an exciting post as I am sharing with you the contents of my The Body Shop at Home Pamper Starter Kit. 

As you can see it comes in a normal brown cardboard box. Its smaller than I expected but it has quite a few goodies packed inside.

These are my customer order forms, I will hand these out to friends and family, give them to anyone who is interested in ordering the amazing products from The Body Shop at Home.

This is mu bag for life, this is how I will transport my pamper kits to my parties.

These are my catalogues, I will give these the hosts, direct customers and people who cannot attend parties.

These are my plastic spatulas, they are essential to keeping good hygiene.

These are my Lets Party Leaflets, I hand these out to party hosts to give out to their guests.

Absinthe purifying hand cream refreshes and moisturises your hands. Absinthe has been used in beauty supplies for centuries due to its purifying qualities.

Hemp hand protector, is an intense moisturiser for very dry skin specifically on the hands. 

Wild rose nourishing hand butter, restores softness to the hands. This butter keeps your hands moisturised for 24 hours. 

Shea body butter, is an intensely creamy body butter that leaves your skin nourished and moisturised for up to 24 hours. It is perfect for all skin types. 

Moringa body butter, this is a light body butter with a subtle floral scent. It softens and strengthens the skin. Suitable for dry skin.

Coconut body butter, this is an all over body butter to intensely moisturise your skin. Suitable for dry skin.

Coconut body scrub, removes dead skin cells and prepares your skin for moisturising. It is best to layer the products so start with the coconut body wash, follow with this scrub and finish with the coconut body butter.

Peppermint reviving foot soak, this scrub is heaven for tired feet. The peppermint will cool and refresh and the effervescent salts cleanse leaving skin feeling soothed. Ready to scrub away the hard skin.

Peppermint smoothing pumice foot scrub, gives you all the tools to have perfect feet. The volcanic rock pumice scrubs away hard skin and the peppermint combats odour. This will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft and ready to moisturise.

Peppermint cooling foot lotion is perfect to finish your foot routine and keep skin feeling smooth and soft. This can be used daily to keep feet smelling sweet and feeling smooth. 

Satsuma body polish, is a foaming and cleansing gel based exfoliating scrub. It helps remove dead skin cells to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. This is suitable to use everyday. 

Mango body whip, is light and fluffy and is quickly absorbed by the skin. This product smells fresh and fruity and leaves skin soft and supple.

Coconut beautifying oil, is an oil that can be used on body, face and hair. It can provide 8 hours of moisturisation on the skin. It can be used as an intense conditioner for the hair. I have had to fill this with water to show you as the oil had leaked out of the bottle as the cap was open. 

Strawberry shower gel smells like summer in a bottle. This foaming gel cleanses the skin leaving it fresh and soft with a subtle strawberry scent. To help the scent last and give your skin the best treatment, follow with the strawberry body butter.

Absinthe purifying hand wash, as mentioned before the absinthe purifys your skin leaving it clean and fresh, while the aloe repairs skin and leaves it soft and smooth.  

Coconut shower cream, cleanses the skin and leaves it feeling fresh and soft. A perfect start to your coconut skin routine.

Amazonian wild lilly edt is a crisp fresh fragrance, it energises the senses and helps you feel ready for the day. This is the description for the product "When you use Amazonian 
Wild Lily, you will escape 
to the rain-kissed 
jungle of the Amazon 
because it contains 
natural extracts of 
white lily found deep in 
the Amazon" I think that says it all!

I hope you enjoyed this post, I will do full user reviews on these products as I use them. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments box. If you are re in becoming a consultant or hosting a party leave a comment and I can let you know about the amazing freebies and offers available to you. Take care x

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