Wednesday, 2 July 2014

TTC Tuesday: Who's the mummy?

Hey everyone, I have decided to talk abut something that I am quite interested in. As you are aware I plan to Egg Share, during my research I came across a bit of a debate. The children that come as a result of egg sharing and IVF obviously have parents but who they are is the subject of the debate.

It seems that women that accept the eggs seem to try and discredit the woman who's eggs she is using. They call the egg sharer 'the donor'  These women claim they are the only mother to the child. They are  a mother to the child as they nurture the egg and give birth to the baby 

The other school of thought is that the child will have two mothers. A genetic mother from the lady who shared her eggs and the birth mother who gives birth and brings up the baby. 

 I do not want to hurt or offend anyone with my opinion but this blog is about being honest. As a person who is planning on egg sharing I feel I have a unique view on it. I would feel no entitlement or attachment to the child as I did not carry them for nine months or give birth to them. However I would regard myself as their genetic mother. This is why I agree with writing the letter to the child. They have a right to know their genetic history and where they come from. It seems ungrateful and insensitive that some birth mothers totally discount the egg sharer and sometimes seem to have a horrible attitude towards it.

For me I feel like egg sharing is a gift helping another couple have children which they could not do alone. I have even considered letting the clinic make the couples aware when I share again so they can have genetic siblings. 

What are your thoughts? Take care x

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