Thursday, 11 October 2012

About me

Hi ,

My name is Grace, I am 30 and live in Kent, England UK.  I live with my Fiancée Paul and our 2 dogs and 3 tropical fish tanks full of fish!. I have decided start a blog to record my thoughts, feelings and experiences on my journey of life now and into the future,  I want to totally revamp my life and change  everything so out with the old in with the new!

I have never been the sort of person who thinks your appearance  is the be all and end all of life, however I have started my own beauty and make up business and it has given me so much confidence and has changed my life . I want to share that with others so they can feel the same way.

I want this to be a supportive community of friends where we can all relax and have fun.

Feel free to email me at

Grace xxx

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