Monday, 22 October 2012

Pamper, Relax and indulge

Decadence said the wise man "is like a sumptuous caramel with a slow-burn creamy sweetness. Soft brown toffee, like clotted cream ice cream in the summer melting to hot butter fudge. Take extra care as forbidden fruit is the temptation that makes indulgence so wonderfully divine_

After reading that I want to jump in the bath NOW!! The packaging is cleverly done as it is clear so you can see the golden liquid that is tempting in its self, the open the black flip top ad the glorious sent rises, it smells like buttery fudge - incredibly sweet and a surprisingly accurate fudge scent - it almost makes me hungry!

As they say the proof of the pudding is in the eating.
When I first pour this into the bath I find that it's rather thick in consistency and the scent is very strong. You don't need to use a huge amount per use, and pretty much the moment this is poured into the bath you get a mass of thick, frothy bubbles. This is important to me  as you get more baths out of the bottle.
The scent of the product does linger once I'm in the bath, I also find that the bubbles will last the entire duration of my bath.

I find my skin feels  soft and hydrated after using this I buy the 500ml size costing £3.98 from ASDA. If you are like me prefer to match your bath/shower cream to your scrubs or moisturisers, there is also a sugar scrub available in the same scent which can also be purchased from ASDA stores.
Overall I can say this is 10/10 for the indulgent bath for when I have had a tough day and need a treat and relax. It smells heavenly and creates lots of long lasting bubbles. 

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