Monday, 22 October 2012

The Body Shop- Shimmer Cube

The Body Shop- Shimmer Cube

I have had this cube ( not one set but repeatedly bought lol) for about 7 years, I love it because you can build up for bold smokey colour for a night out but also it can be  nicely blended for daytime.  The colours have been put together  to complement each other, and blend beautifully no-matter the combination.

These eyeshadows are light I often forget I have it on. Pigmentation/staying power is really important   factor when I am choosing an eye shadow and these certainly don’t disappoint. I think the main reason these last so long is that you need minimal product to achieve a dramatic look, and even less to achieve a subtle glow ; and it will stay put for hours. One of these bad boys will set you back £16 bear in mind the shadow goes all the way to the bottom of the cube , but when you take into consideration the quality of the product, and how long it will be sat on your dressing table, I think it’s a bargin!

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