Sunday, 14 October 2012

The Big Cleanse

The Big Cleanse

Step 1 It was going to take something pretty good to clean away the years of dirt and pollution that was trapped under my skin, so what did I choose- Boots Botanics Skin Brightening Deep Cleansing Gel.

According to the packet -Without thorough cleansing, pores can become clogged and congested. This deep cleaning gel washes away even the most stubborn make-up, impurities and pore clogging oil. Packed with hibiscus and horse chestnut extract, it will leave your skin balanced, purified and perfectly clean. perfect for oily skin.

I have combination skin the T one is oily but my cheeks are dry. As soon as this started foaming up I felt my skin start to tingle and clean out  my pores.  Once I washed it off I felt fresh and my skin felt light.

Step 2 So the pores are clear but  wide open to be clogged up again. Next up is Botanics 

According to the bottle
The cool liquid seems to sooth the skin while closing the pores and adding some much needed nutrients and sealing in the goodness. 

Step 3 The Final Stage Montagne Jeunesse Fudge Sauna Mask.

Acoording to the sachet Cleansing has never been so easy with our gorgeous Self Heating Vanilla Fudge Sauna. Absorb the sweet aroma, sit back and relax as the heavenly formula opens pores and deep cleanses, leaving your skin so clean almost glows.

 This mask smells so good I was very tempted to lick a little off, thankfully I didn't as I believe it would not only taste horrible but would spoil the experience.  This mask is self heating and gradually gets warmer, it opens the pores to provide a deep cleanse. My skin is left feeling refreshed and silky smooth better yet the fudge smell lingers long after you wash it off.


Obviously I wash my hair but I have never looked into what my hair needs or what hair type I have.  Well  about 3 months ago my dear fiancĂ©e paid for me to have my hair cut as a surprise not only that he had asked them to do a hair consultation with me which basically means they examine my hair then tell me about my hair and what type of products would help me.

So it turns out I have thick hair, it  seems to have allot of split ends which have now been cut off :(  My hair is static and fluffy so naturally I have always wanted silky smooth hair so here is my effort to obtain it.

I was advised to use Redkin products ( which I still have half left after 3 months)

On the bottle Redken Extreme Shampoo Provides a rich, abundant lather that gently cleanses, restores strength and adds shine .
This stuff is GREAT! My hair feels clean and fresh and this lasts for 3-4 days, my hair is 75% less static even without straightening.  It also makes my hair shine and light bounces off my hair and looks great.

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