Sunday, 21 October 2012

You know your English When...

You know your English When...

I was reading through some blogs when I came across a post called ' you know when your from Florida when', I thought it was great so I decided to write one on being English. 

You know your English When....

  • You moan when it’s too hot, you moan when it’s too cold.
  • You use the word  "sky", 99% of the time it refers to the satellite TV..
  • You pity anyone who’s never shopped in Primark.
  • You have a roast dinner every Sunday. EVERY Sunday.
  • You know that school uniforms are the itchiest and ugliest items of clothing ever invented.
  • You have invested in a seriously good umbrella, and watched it get turned inside out almost straight away by the wind.
  • You know what a chav is, and how they must be avoided at all costs.
  • You eat chips, not fries.
  • You know that contrary to  American TV programmes not all  “English”  sound like the Queen.
  • You know that English people don’t all live in little thatched cottages, play croquet and eat cucumber sandwiches ( I hate cucumber sandwiches! the bread goes soggy!!)
  • You were ridiculously excited about the Royal Wedding but do not pay much attention any other time
  • You, like the Canadians, know that “honor” is actually spelt “honour."
  • You think that American football actually looks a lot more like rugby.
  • You know how to use HP sauce, Worcestershire sauce, BBQ sauce, and you do use them. All the time.
  •  You know 'Tea'   is a drink and a meal
  •  English people don't only drive on the left, they walk on the left.
  • You know what pub stands for, and where the nearest one to your house is.
  • You recognise Northern, Southern, Liverpool, Scottish, Welsh and Irish accents within the first 6 words of conversation.
Anyone know any others? Where are you from, how do you know your .....?

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