Sunday, 16 December 2012

Blogmas day 10 Ice age 4

We had a bit of couple time today and watched Ice age 4- Continental drift. You may think that was a strange film choice but as we both find Ice age hilarious and we have the other 3 on DVD but had not got round to watching this one yet.

As usual the film begins with Scrat's hunt for acorns causing  Pangaea to break up  into the continents we have today. Meanwhile , Manny and his wife Ellie deal with their teenage daughter Peaches who has a crush on a mammoth named Ethan. Peaches' best friend, a mole hog named Louis, also appears to have a crush on her. Manny catches Peaches hanging out with Ethan, Manny starts an argument with her. Peaches runs away after the argument.Then Scrat's actions cause the continent to break up, seperating Manny from his family. Manny gets stuck on a floating piece of ice together with Sid, Diego, and Sid's grandmother Granny. 

The film basically follows what happens to Manny and co while trying to get back to his family. The gang get captured by a strange pirate gang escape their ship shaped iceburg and befriend a female saber-toothed cat called Shira. They are on their way once more and come accross Sirens who appear as loved ones to lure themin and eat them but Manny realises what they are and saves the group once more. The next morning, Manny, Sid, Diego and Granny finally reach home, but, much to their horror, find out that Gutt and his pirate gang had beaten them to it and captured Ellie and Peaches. Diego also notices that Shira is injured. Louis, Ethan and the teenage mammoths come to rescue, starting a battle and Shira joins them. Once the battle is over the group set sail. After sailing over the ocean, the group finds a new place to live. Manny and Peaches hug. Shira joins the herd and becomes Diego's girlfriend.

The film ends with Scrat finally reaching the island on the map, Scratlantis a floating city inhabited by an enlightened civilization of other “Scrats” and acorns. But because of his nut obsession, Scrat grabs many nuts as he can. Suddenly he sees a giant acorn. He tries to that one but it’s blocking a hole. He grabs it which causes the city to sink to the bottom of the ocean, leaving Scrat in the middle of a newly-created land desert.

I would defiantly recommend this as a goof fun film to watch, it is family safe so no need to worry about the little ones.

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