Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Blogmas Day 3- How to decorate a Christmas Tree

Decorating the perfect Christmas tree is an honour but does require skill and a bit of creative flair. If you follow these few simple steps you will have a beautiful tree-

1. Access all areas

1.The first step to decorating the perfect Christmas tree is make sure you have access all round it .  Make sure you know where it will be placed in the end, you can make sure allvisible sides of the tree are decorated.

2. Hanging the Lights
In my view you should always hang the lights first Plug your lights in ( not on to ensure you have the right length) then start winding the lights around the tree from bottom to top.

3. Hanging the Christmas Tree Garland
To achieve the perfect Christmas tree this year you should always hang the garland after you hang the lights! With this start weaving the garland in and out of the branches start at the top and work your way around and down the tree.

4. Hang Large Ornaments First
If you have a large number of red ornaments, then hang them first. This applies to any colours. Spread them out over the tree. If you are going for an all one colour themed Christmas tree, then hang all of the larger sized ornaments first. When you hang the ornaments hang them in layers- some on the tips and some deeper in the tree.

5. Fill in gaps
Once you have your larger ornaments placed, then fill in with smaller ornaments. Tinsel can also be used to fill gaps to provide a beautiful full tree.

6. Finish With The Christmas Tree Topper
The final touch to the perfect Christmas tree is always the tree topper. Choose an Angel, Santa, a star or even a big bow. 

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