Thursday, 6 December 2012

Blogmas Day 5 Urban Decay Naked 2

Here is one item that is on my Christmas wish list! The Naked 2 palette. I am a great lover of eye shadow and of items that work for their money and this is  both.

The Naked 2 palette has 12 generous sized eye-shadow shades. Each can be used either on its own, or blended/ layered  with others, to create a variety of looks. You can create everything from neutral day-time eyes, to smokey night time eyes

The first four shades are Foxy,  Half Baked,  Booty Cal and Chopper. Foxy is a very deep cream shade with a matte finish, that works great as a base on the lid. Half Baked is a gorgeous golden-bronze shade with a shimmery finish and Booty Call is another shimmery shade, a great highlighter. Chopper has a  copper tone  and silver  glitter finish.

The next four are Tease , Snakebite ,Suspect and Pistrol, Tease is pale brown  with a matte finish, Snakebite is a dark bronze shade shimmer finish. Suspect is a pale golden beige with a shimmery finish, Pistol is a light grey or  brown with a shimmer finish and

Last but not least we have Verve,  YDK, Busted and Blackout. Verve is an oyster shade, again with a shimmery finish. YDK metallic based shadow with a brown overtone and shimmer finish, Busted is a deep brown with mauve undertones with a shimmery finish and Blackout is a black with a matte finish.

All of the shades are soft and easy to blend .I love that it is so versatile and can create a new look each time. Mix and match colours, layer and blend for different finishes.

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