Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Blogmas Day 4 Secret Santa

At work today we exchanged our Secret Santa Gifts before I tell you what I bout and what I received I will explain what it is all about.
The point of Secret Santa is to ensure that everyone in a group of people get a gift on a particular day.  It helps cut down on the Christmas spend and also makes sure no one gets left out of the present giving. The most important thing  is that the gift givers are anonymous, hence why its called “secret” santa.
There are a few points to be organised for the secret santa to work:-

What is the gift amount to be? (Normally £5 or £10 for an office gift is sufficient)
Who is going to be invited to join?
When is the giving going to take place?
Pick the names out of a hat/box

Once everyone has picked a name to buy a gift for you are ready to get buying.

Back to my secret santa, our price range was £10+ I bought my person as follows:-
A bottle of Jack Daniels
A bottle of Port
A mug
A chocolate santa

I received
A magic rotating globe- I have been wanting to get a map for ages!
A really cool pink stress ball- self-explanatory I think ha ha

I was really happy with what I received and the person I bought for seems pleased with their gift too. It added a bit of Christmas cheer to the office and gave us the opportunity to think about each other too.

Do you do secret santa?  if so what did you buy and recieve?

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