Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Blogmas Day 13: Dog Commands

Hey everyone, I wanted to write a post on the 5 commands I think are absolutely important to teach your dog.  It is important to try and keep your commands to one word accompanied with an action. 

 Leave - One finger held up ( as if you were going to take it to your moth and say shhh)

Leave it is the basic dog training command you use to tell your dog not to pick up something he's approaching. It can prevent him from eating something harmful. It is also helpful if you have children so you can teach your dog not to eat or touch their toys. 
 Drop with hold hand out in a cup shape in front of the dog.
Training a dog to drop it ensures that he'll let go of anything he's picked up in his mouth. I also use this for playing ball so I don't have to touch the ball as  I use an arm.
 Sit - Point to the floor
The sit command is usually the first command people teach their dogs. It is a  basic, but important command.  It can be a safety command or simply tells the dog to sit down so you can accomplish a task. 
 Down- Flat palm move in a downwards motion.
The lie down command is important for several reasons. It can calm an excited dog down. He will settle when you have visitors and will be a comfort for him too. It also can stop him when he might be trying to misbehave.
The stay command is useful in a number of situations. It can keep your dog out from under your feet, or it can save his life by preventing him from running into dangerous situations. Also you may want to dry off your dog and this is not easy to do if he is sitting or lying.
Take Care x

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