Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Blogmas Day 17: Get to know me Tag

Hey everyone, I thought it would be fun to do the Getting to know me Tag. Some members of my family read my blogs and they might not know all off these answers. Here we go:-

Get to Know Me Tag 

The Questions:

Vital Info:
Name : Grace  Carter
Nicknames Gracie, El Graco ( thanks Barb)
Birthday  26th January 1987
Place of Birth  Worcester, Worcestershire
Star Sign  Aquarius
Occupation Boots Customer Assistant, Business Owner

Hair colour : Usually dark brown
Hair length  Long
Eye colour  Blue/ Green
Best feature : I like my eyes the best as they are such an unusual colour. 
Braces I did wear braces but when they made my retainer I bet down so it was not the right fit for my teeth. I could never get them on so some teeth have moved back. 
Piercings  My ears
Tattoos Yes a phoenix on my right shoulder blade.  
Righty of Lefty Firsts: I’m ambidextrous 
Best friend  I have a few close friends but my best friend is my  fiancĂ©e Paul
Sport  I like to play sports but not watch them.
Real Holiday I love a holiday that has relaxation, adventure and fun.
Concert I have never been to a concert.

Film  Ooh this is hard The Tourist or Robin Hood Prince of Thieves
TV Show  Friends OR Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Colour Red or Blue
Song Too many to say just one!
Restaurant We don’t really go to restaurants but I do like Tobey Carvery.
Store I love Boots!
Book  the Harry Potter books all 7
Magazine  I like to read OK, it has fashion, beauty and celebs
Shoes Uggs

Feeling I am feeling hopeful for the future.
Single or Taken Taken
Eating Chicken Kiev with home-style chips and peas. 
Listening to Michael Bubble Christmas Album
Thinking about Christmas and  our Wedding
Watching The Saccone Joleys- I love this family so much. I have never met them but I feel like I know them so well. 
Wearing Black jeans and blue jersy top. 

Want Children . Yes I would like 4.
Want to be married. Yes and the date is set!
Careers in mind. I would love to be a teacher or run my own business. 
Where do you want to live in the UK or USA.

 Do you believe in: 
God. Yes
Miracles  Yes
Love at first sight  Yes
Ghosts Yes but I never want to see, hear or feel one. 
Aliens Yes but I am not comfortable about it. 
Soul Mates  Yes
Heaven  Yes
Hell Yes 
Kissing on the first date . No 

Anything else you want to know, ask in comments below:-

Take Care x

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