Friday, 25 April 2014

Fashion Friday: Aeropostale

Hey everyone, today is my first Fashion Friday blog so I thought I would share one of me USA loves. When we visited Orlando, Florida last year we obviously did some shopping. One of my new favorite brands is Aeropostale. I was first attracted to the brand because it was created in 1987 the year I was born! Then I was blown away by their designs. I love the casual/ sporty look they pull off so effortlessly.

I will now share some of my favorite items:-

This t-shirt is breathable and kind to the skin. I have worn these tops when I had sunburn as it was the only thing that could cover me up but not hurt me. The style is sporty and a good option for a casual day.

Aeropostale hoodies have the right balance of temperature. They are warm enough to keep out the cold but breathable so you don't feel stuffy. Again the sporty design gives you casual style.

I wore this lace top over a cami, sometimes in Orlando you get freak rain storms, this lace top gave me a little more protection without sweating for the rest of the day. This top is smart enough to wear with jeans and heels if you're eating out after. 

There are so many reasons why I love these slippers. They are animal print which is currently in fashion, although I always love animal print. They are colourful, which is different from the usual beige, brown or black slippers. Most importantly they were super comfy.

Lastly this cute bag. It is feminine yet practical. I love that it has an air of beach chic and all those pockets come in handy too.

Have you got any favorite brands
Take care x

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