Monday, 28 April 2014

Marriage Monday

Hey everyone, welcome to the first Marriage Monday post!

As you all know Paul and I have been planning our wedding for years but for reasons that don't deserve the time of day, we have not booked anything. 

In this post I want to introduce you all to our wedding reception and evening venue. Oakwood House.

Oakwood house is a grand Victorian mansion, it has been owned and lived in by a wealthy family for many years until their was only one owner left with no heirs. He left the mansion to the local council. 

This picture is of the front of Oakwood House. As you can see it is built of redbrick, it has a long drive way too. If you turn right off of this picture you come to the car park, which leads on to an overflow car park. 

This is the back of Oakwood House and it opens up into a large enclosed garden. The reception room or Suite is just to the left of this picture it has double french doors that open onto a large terrace, also leading into this enclosed garden. 

This is a picture of the Suit as you can see it is light and airy, you can see one set of double doors to the left of the picture. 

This picture shows the magnificent ceiling of the suit, it also has a skylight at the far end, to dance beneath the stars. 

Thats a teaser of our wedding venue. Did you have your wedding here or know someone who has? What are your thoughts on our venue?

Take care x


  1. Looks a fantastic place and setting before you know it you and Paul will be having the happiest day of your lives here xx

    1. Thanks for the comment Lisa. Yes it seems do far away not but I have been told the time will fly. We really love the venue glad you like it too. X


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