Friday, 9 November 2012

Boots to suit your legs

 I usually walk to work in trainers then change into shoes or heels at work but this adds unnecessary time to the beginning and end of the day. The solution is to buy boots I can walk to work in them and wear them at work. Like anything in fashion not everything suits everyone, so you need to choose things that are right for your body.

Stiletto heels with their long slim heel and overall thin shape are best for people with slim calves and ankles. lipsy-arista-stiletto-boots

Stacked heels are better for pear or curvy shapes. If you have thicker hips, thighs or ankles these are for you.

Wedge heels are good for everyone, they can be narrow (look at the profile from the back) and suit slimmer shapes, or wider, and suit curvier shapes.

Knee high boots are great for everyone, they make your legs look longer and  slimmer, but if you have shorter legs, avoid those with lots of buckles, straps or other horizontal details as they make legs look wider.knee-high

Ankle length boots can be worn by anyone under trousers, but if you want to wear them with skirts/dresses, they need to fit closely at the ankle.ankle

Now you know what is best for your body type here are sone general tips on how to choose the right pair:-

· If you're serious about finding a comfortable pair that compliments your wardrobe and makes you look and feel great, you should shop around before making your final pick.
· Wear the socks or tights you will normally use when wearing the boots. The thickness is very important if you want to avoid blisters!

·Give your toes some space. If your feet feel squashed now imagine how much they will hurt after a shopping trip or a day at work
· Think about how you plan to wear your boots. If you would just like a pair for special occasions , then you can probably cope with some discomfort in the name of style. If you plan on wearing them on a daily basis, then the priority for me would be comfort and practicality.
·  Look at the workmanship of the boots. Strong seams, solid soles and a firmly attached heal may raise the price by a few pounds, but they will be more likely to stand the test of  time.

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