Monday, 19 November 2012

Feel good autumn outfit

We all have those days when we need a little comfort and I am strong believer that what you wear can help counteract how your feeling. I have put this out fit together because this is the sort of thing I like to wear at the weekend, after a long hard week when I want to relax and enjoy myself.

A good pair of jeans is always a good start when cheering yourself up, they are comfortable but still ooze effortless style. 

 A splash of colour is great for brightening your mood- this classy lace top is long sleeved so keeps out the draft but also if the heating is a little warm this will keep you at the right temperature. Lace is very in this season and this piece will not go out of fashion-  perfect to mix and match .


I love this jumper its a soft fabric but keeps you nice and snug. I don't always like things round my neck so this is the perfect height, with the short sleeves you will still be able to see the gorgeous red-lace of the under-top too.,en_GB,sc.html

Ugg boots I do not actually own a pair but man do I want some. Like wearing slippers out doors, don't listen to rumors that these can not be worn in the wet- buy the waterproofing and care kit- problem solved!

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