Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Hairstyles to suit your face shape

If you’re considering a new hair cut be it for every day or a special occasion, bear in mind the key factor in finding out if a hairstyle will suit you is your face shape. So before we go any further you need to know which face shape you have. The easiest way to find out your  shape is to look in the mirror and then trace around the outline of your face using a lipstick etc. The outline that’s left should then fall into one of five face shapes – round, long, oval, heart or square - but if you’re still not sure ‘phone a friend’ or  ask your hairdresser.


A shoulder length or longer cut will elongate the face; avoid chin-length as this makes your face rounder. If you prefer a shorter length you can also make your face appear longer by adding height at the root. Adding texture and layers help frame the face and side sweeping fringes work well to narrow your face.

A heavy fringe will make your face look smaller. Choose a diamond shape hairstyle as this will add width and make your face look. Wear your hair in curls or waves as this will create width and make your face appear more balanced. Try not to straighten your hair as this will make your face appear longer.

It is said that hairdressers love this face shape the most versatile of the five face shapes. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your hair. Classic bobs work well to balance and flatter your face as will layered and feathered looks. Try something a little more on the edge, oval face shapes can carry off strong, hard lines. Don’t have your hair cut at the chin as this can make your race look round.

The widest part of your face is from ear to ear, so don’t choose any jaw length hairstyles or shorter. Shoulder length cuts and long bobs are the most flattering but keep your hair at the same length rather than adding layers. Wear your hair in a centre parting to lengthen your face.

Wear soft, textured cuts to soften the jaw line but don’t have a strong fringe cut in this will look too harsh. Add a wave or curl by giving your hair body you will make your face look rounder and  stick to mid length hairstyles with an off centre parting.

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