Sunday, 4 November 2012

Perfect coat for your body

I am sitting here writing my blog and snow is falling. It seems autumn is officially upon us, so a very important decision has to be made-which coat to buy? A winter coat is always one of biggest purchase of the year for me. I have put together a guide on what type of coats are good for different body types.

Step 1 Think about the function of your coat .Do you want your coat for wearing to work every day, outdoor activities, or for glam nights out? When you've made that decision, you're ready to go shopping!

Step 2 Choose the right style for your body type:

Curvy or Pear
A lady with lots of curves needs a coat that will emphasise her womanly assets and show off her figure , while also making her feel confident. You would need a long coat that is belted. A long silhouette is perfect for a woman with curves and the cinched waist allows you to have the perfect hourglass figure.  You can balance your hips and bum with extra buttons, epaulets, wide collars, puff sleeves, and any added details on your top half. You want the coat to be fitted, but it should never be too tight.

For a petite frame, you should really stick with wearing a short jacket. If you opt for a longer coat, it can tend to drown you. Try getting a coat that is cut a little below your hips for the best fit. This cut will actually give the illusion that you are taller, while a longer coat may just have the opposite effect. If you do decide to go with a longer cut, make sure that you get one that is cut above the knee and normally wearing a pair of heels will keep you look chic and add height.

Large Bust
If you are blessed with a large chest, you want to make sure that you get a coat that will lie properly. Find a coat that is single-breasted as opposed to double-breasted. Make sure that the coat does not have a lot of extra fabric on the top or feels like it is stretched. A coat that looks forced or stretched out just simply does not look right because it appears you do not have the proper size for your shape.

 Long and Lean
Tall women are able to get away with wearing long trench coats and looking great because it doesn't look like they are swimming in it. These coats look great because they fall properly and the cut is just right on a tall woman. Sometimes a shorter cut will make your body look as though it is cut in half, so make sure that the coat’s length is usually right at or below the knees.

Apple Shapes
You ladies don’t want huge collars, toggles, wide shoulders, or any bodice detailing that makes you look top-heavy and draw the eye to your widest part. The best length for you is 3/4 length (midi) . Generally, you will look best in long V-necklines (to lengthen your neck and torso), narrow-to-medium lapels, and single or hidden buttons.

Hourglass figures
Anything with a great fit looks good on you. A coat with a belt, like a wrap coat, will make the most of your tiny waist and curves. You can usually wear a short jean jacket or leather jacket.  Make sure the buttons on your chest don’t gape open.

I have found my perfect coat online …I just need to find it in a shop and try it on.

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