Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Which eyeliner

My eyes are my favorite feature, they are the window to your soul after all! Application of the perfect eyeliner can transform your look. Eyeliners come in a variety of textures and formulas, it’s easy to get confused. Here’s how to find the liner that will work for you:

Eyeliner Pencils

Eyeliner pencils are  a great starting point for the beginner. They are easy to use, and do not require any other application tools. Some eyeliner pencils will be harder than others. If you have a hard eyeliner pencil that will probably hurt your eye, top tip warm the pencil by cupping your hand around it or rolling it between your hands. This will soften the pencil and apply easier.
Eye pencils come in a wide variety of colours but stick to neutrals while you gain experience, as they make mistakes easier to hide.
Jumbo eyeliner pencils tend to be about three times the size of regular eye pencils. Instead of providing a precise, thin line, jumbo pencils apply a large dose of colour and tend to be used all over the eyelid as eyeshadow bases. Using a jumbo eye pencil under eyeshadow makes your eyeshadow more vivid and longer lasting.

Eyeliner Pens
My personal favourite-eyeliner pens I have shaky hands but pens give me the ability to be extremely detailed and precise. Eyeliner pens look like felt-tip pens and tend to be very fine. This allows you to get the thinnest line possible, which looks very natural. You can also use it repeatedly to get a thicker line.

Gel / Cream Liners
Gel and cream liners have the deepest pigmentation and most dramatic look. These come in a little pot and take some practice. You can apply gel or cream liner with an angled or fine tipped brush. The thickness of your line is all dependent on your hand, which is why these types of liner take practice to get down.

Liquid Eyeliner
Liquid eyeliner is the hardest to apply and requires practice to perfect. Liquid eyeliner can run and smudge under the eye easily, delivering a panda eye effect. Be sure to always set liquid eyeliner with eyeshadow so it lasts.

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