Saturday, 10 November 2012

Metal Rush nail polish by Rimmel

Rimmel have just released a new collection of nail polishes for autumn, called 'Metal Rush'. There are four shades- Royal Blue, Pearly Queen, Purple Reign and Gold save the Queen. The duochrome effect, is quite strong in all of the polishes, but most powerful in Purple Reign.These metailic nail polishes feature innovative technology so that the colour changes depending on how the light hits them.

Royal Blue a combination of two of my favorite polish colors purple and blue. This polish looks as good on the nail as it does in the bottle. This is a such a versatile polish that can be used at work or for a night out great for any season.

Purple rain this is the darkest colour but it is so sexy and sultry. The colour is  deep, rich and warm mostly purple but it has red and gold hints . The duochrome in this one is much more subtle than in the other shades. 

This was the lightest shade and the sheerest, it still only took 3 coats to achieve amazing depth and colour. It went from a purple/pink colour to a light green, very pearlescent. This colour could also be used to lighten a dark colour or to add shimmer to a more flat colour.

Last but not least is 'Gold save the Queen'.  The duochrome is really pretty and goes from a dusky gold colour to a pink and green. I think this is quite a unique colour, for my collection. This colour is great with brown and autumn shaded outfits. 

Overall I  think that this collection is a winner, its a cheaper brand at only £3.99 each invest in these girls they will last a long time and have a timeless colour for any style. Which one will you try?

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