Sunday, 18 November 2012

Choosing your wedding theme

Weddings are more than parties they are the celebration of your marriage the joining of two lives. I believe a wedding is the most important celebration of my life and so I want to give it the thought and respect it deserves.

We know what colours we want for our wedding and a wedding palette is very important for putting together a polished wedding design. But when it comes to putting across the meaning of our wedding day you need more than colour. Your theme is where you add the meaning to your wedding and tell a story for your day.

When creating your wedding theme, the best place to start is to ask yourself   ‘What is your vision for your wedding day?’ What are your guests wearing? Are they partying all night long? Or chatting comfortably by candlelight? Remember this vision in mind this will help you focus on the mood and maybe even the style of your wedding day and therefore be important in making your choices.

Aspects to consider when building a theme :-

  • ·         Your personal style- modern, vintage, classic or very individual
  • ·         Do you want to incorporate your family’s culture, that of your future spouse, or one that you are drawn too?
  • ·         Family traditions
  • ·         Hobbies and interests
  • ·         Do you have something you like to do as a couple

Now you need to choose 2 or these ideas into a theme. For instance, you are getting married in Italy, you love the romance of Phantom of the Opera, and you want your wedding day to be a true celebration of love.
In that case your wedding theme could be: an Opulent Romantic Italian wedding.

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