Saturday, 5 January 2013

End of Christmas

Well its time to take down our Christmas decorations, I am a little sad as it means that the Christmas season is well and truly over. On the other hand it will be nice to have more room in the house again and the electricity bill to go back down. 

I am not superstitious so I am taking them down tomorrow  as we were really busy today. I was asked how I return my home to normal- so here it is

  • Get all boxes, bags and containers back down from the attic and put in appropriate rooms
  • Christmas tree- take off baubles/decorations wrap in tissue or  newspaper and place in boxes in colour order dark to light. Take off tinsel  and roll around cardboard discs or tubes( to avoid tinsel tangle next year). Lastly take off lights and put back in original box.
  • Put each of the other decorations or ornaments in their boxes remember to remove the batteries as they can leak and ruin the decoration.
  • Remove any window lights and pack back in boxes with lights from tree.
  • Collect all Christmas CD's from the car etc and put together in a labelled box.
That's it all packed and return to attic for next year.

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