Monday, 21 January 2013

Wedding Photographer

We think we have found our wedding photographer, I cannot explain how great these people are!!! Its all thanks to Paul we found them. We attended the Wiltshire Golf and Country Club wedding fair, we walked into the room and I spoke to two cake makers and a bridal consultant all lovely, but not too big an impression on both Pail and I. I was ready to walk right past a photography stand as I though we had found out photographer. Oh my goodness this husband and wife team are amazing! they are so creative and have done things I have never seen or heard of before- I am not going to spill all of them as I would like to leave some surprises but I want to share one thing with you. We have all seen wedding videos and can all put our hands up to our minds wondering not long after the bride arrives at the church, our prospective photographer has a slide show of pictures and in the appropriate places has 3-4 min video for example photos of bride and bridesmaids having breakfast,  hair and makeup and all the little details and then a video of her seeing the bridesmaids in full wedding outfits and them and mother/ father seeing her in complete wedding dress. I found that idea perfect mix of photos and video so as not to get board but catch all the details. We are making an appointment to see them in the next month and discuss our wedding and album etc. Have a look at their website 

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