Thursday, 3 January 2013

My new make-up routine

As mentioned in my new years resolution blog I have decided to start a make-up routine and do it everyday. I am not a morning person  and as I already have to get up early as it takes me 1.45hrs to get to work (2 buses), my make-up needs to be quick yet effective.

Step1: Foundation

Maybelline dream fresh BB cream in Universal Glow. I apply this all over my face apart from my eyes. Don’t be shocked when you start off it looks bright orange but as its name suggests it is universal and will blend into your skin as you apply.

Step2: Concealer

Maybelline super stay 24hr concealer in 2 (light beige). I apply this under my eyes to eliminate dark circles and on any spots or blemishes. I dab this onto the area and pat until blended.


Rimmel London clear complexion in 021 (transparent). I apply this all over my face to set my foundation. I concentrate on my T-zone as I have combination skin and this is where I will get oil build  up.

Step4 Contouring

Mua make-up academy mosaic. I will apply this on my temples, under my cheek-bones and under my jaw line making sure to blend down my neck.

Step5:Eye shadow

Maybelline eyestudio silky glam bronze drama. Using from the left. Apply the first shadow over the whole eye as a base. Second shadow sweep across the lid. Shadow 3 apply to the crease and blend. Shadow 4 apply along the top lash line and into the corner and along the bottom lash line
Step6: Eyeliner

BarryM Khol pencil. This liner is nice and soft and very easy to use. Draw a line along the top lash line into the corner and draw a line from the outer corner to the middle of the lower lash line. Using a small blending brush add a little of Shadow 4 over the top this will soften the liner and blend into the shadow.

Step7: Mascara
Maxfactor false lash effect fusion volume + length.  I usually do two coats of mascara just to make sure all my lashes are covered and also get a little bit more length.

That is everything, I am now ready to face the day.


  1. Oh god! I seriously don' know how to use make-up!
    New Year Resolution:Buy and learn o apply make-up!

    1. I love make-up because there are so many looks you can create. I like having a smoky look one day and then a total contrast the next with a natural look. Let me know how you get on.


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