Wednesday, 9 January 2013

New Hair Routine

My new year’s resolutions have given me a fresh look at myself and how much I want to take care of myself more. Well I have a new beauty and make-up routine so a new hair routine is in order. As mentioned before one of my splurges was buying hair products from my hair dresser, however the Christmas period took all our cash so I saw in Tesco’s there was a sale on hair care.  I ready the backs of various bottles as well as thinking of brands I know people use. I came to a decision to buy Pantene Normal-Thick Hair Repair and Protect.

I have normal to thick hair and a history of split ends so the Repair & Protect collection helps solve those problems. The shampoo restores hair’s strength against styling damage so I am free to use my hair dryer and straighteners (with the help of heat protection spray). It puts a protective layer on my hair to protect against future styling damage. The formula also helps to prevent the formation of split ends. The rich repairing collection with micro-nourishers helps to lock in moisture deep down, working with my hair to leave it looking healthy and with a brilliant shine.

So now you know what product I use now for a refresh on how I wash my hair.
1. Don’t over-wash your hair you can take out all the natural oils in your hair and end up causing more damage than good.
2. Only apply shampoo to your scalp and massage gently. Don’t pile your hair on top and scrub it, as this will only create knots. Work the shampoo gently down to the ends of your hair and rinse thoroughly.
3. Rinse your hair in cold water. Make sure you remove all your conditioner and finish with cold water this will close the cuticle and seal in the moisture to each strand of hair. It’s ok to shampoo your hair in hot water but finish it with a cold rinse.
8. Never brush your hair when it’s wet. Instead use a wide comb or tangle teaser to gently smooth your hair.
9. Try not to towel dry the rubbing of your hair with a towel this will cause damage and make your hair look dull. Gently squeeze out the excess moisture and allow to air dry
10. Hair masks are essential if you use heat stylers or colour your hair. Even if you don’t you will still appreciate the moisture a mask can bring. 

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